"Gimme the girl that's beautiful, without a trace of makeup of on,
Barefoot in the kitchen, singing her favorite song.
Dancing around like a fool, starring in her own little show,
Gimme the girl the rest of the world, ain't lucky enough to know."
~Joe Nichols, Gimme That Girl

...not saying that this is me,
but Nichols sure nailed it when
he wrote the barefoot in the
kitchen line!

Monday, March 24, 2014


    Wrapped up in Time, held captive by Obligations, I've been removed from this delightful pastime for longer than I would prefer.  However, the intermission is made more acceptable by the arrival of it's end, in that this next post is dear to my heart.  Every picture is a sweet, compact memory, and I am unlikely to ever again post anything so uniquely special.  Here, I share these pictures with you: which are treasures to me, every time I view them.  Enjoy.

 Great-Grandpa, myself, and Great-Grandma.

 Yup.  I went hippie on my great-granparents', and hunted down an organic section in their local market :)

 Great-Grandma and me.

 The Bosc pears: poached in honeycrisp apple juice, cinnamon, and a smidgen of salt.  I made them on Tuesday morning, and we had them with breakfast. 

 Making a green mess in Great-Grandma's kitchen.  I had to have a dark, leafy greens salad.  (They called me a bunny-rabbit for it!)

The breakfast table...

   Another note-worthy part of our visit to Arizona was when Mum and I ate at Pizzeria Bianco.  Chef, at the restaurant where I work, urged me to attempt going there for a meal, as he had heard about the establishment for quite some time.  We drove into Phoenix on our last day there.  Despite the reputation for having an exhausting waiting list, the family at Pizzeria Bianco whisked us into their restaurant, and seated us at a small table within five to ten minutes.  The meal that followed was a delightful concoction of the following mentalities: quality, originality, minimalism, abundance, and simplicity.  I already want to return.

 Brick exterior.  What's not to love?

 A galvanized tank, with various herbs and leafy greens.  Cilantro, lacinato kale, Italian parsely, rainbow chard, and tarragon...

 Outdoor seating.

 Red, beaten beadboard. 

Their indoor pizza oven.  

 Work station.

They had warm, crusty loaves of bread for sale.  One loaf managed to make it back home with me in my carry-on, before being given away.

 Our farmers' market salad: shaved fennel, fresh citrus wedges, brightly-flavoured Italian parsley, with a lemon, salt, and cracked black pepper dressing.  Light, crisp, and so cleansing.

 Imported sopressata.  Dry, peppery, and a texture that ran in a grain: strong, smooth, and continual.  I enjoyed it immensely.
 Our pizza.  Interesting bit here: the server took Mum's order, only to check with her on one detail.  "The pizza doesn't have red sauce," he told her.  "Is that alright, or do you want us to add sauce for you?"
Mum shrugged indifferently, leaving the decision to me.  I was quiet for lack of proper words, then asked, "What would you recommend?  I trust you to choose."
He smiled with satisfaction.  "No sauce."  Then he scurried away to fire our order.
Yeasty, warm crust, with deliciously burnt air pockets.  Smooth, creamy mozzarella that had been smoked...it made an incredible difference in the over-all impact upon my taste-buds.  An earthy, kindly pork and fennel sausage.  Mesquite-coloured caramelized onions.  Yes, it was delicious.  No, I don't have any leftovers.

 Cappucinos to finish, with pistachio, chocolate biscotti.  Now, the coffee wasn't nearly as good as what my co-worker, Mason, can brew up, but then, he doesn't deposit three slices of biscotti next to the mug, either.

   Arizona: it held two wonderful great-grandparents' whom I was so privileged to meet, many lovely memories, and some of the most enjoyable food I have consumed. 
The Barefoot Girl


  1. how perfectly wonderful, darling! your trip sounds like it was a beautiful blessing wrapped in sweet memories and scrumptious eats. perhaps sometime i can hear about the non-food side of it as well. =)

    and organic isn't hippie! the hippies just hijacked it and made it popular. =P

    1. It was so special...we need to have tea together soon :)
      Don't be bothered by my being hippie-like, dear. Organic is cool, and so are some of the aspects of hippie culture :). Notice that I said "some" :)

  2. My dear Sherlock, it looks like you had a marvelous time in the hot western state of Arizona. Your grandparents are lovely and you looked like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. How wonderful, I am so happy to see you contented well on your trip. And I highly approve of your Granddad's hat. :)

    May the good Lord continue to bless you and keep giving you such wonderful surprises.

    -Watson, aka, Calamity Rene :D

    1. Thankyou, Watson! So nice to hear from you. I'm glad you liked Grandpa's hat...it was my favorite thing about him, next to his constant smile! Love you!


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